Why us?

Why us?

You will be given access to the knowledge and proven solutions that we have tested over the years.

We are one of the most experienced IT recruiters in Poland. Our team consists of business practitioners, people with over 20 years of professional experience in the business services sector, many years of managerial experience and over 12 years of experience in recruitment for IT positions and SSC/BBO centres.

We have managed hundreds of specialist and mass recruitments, working for large corporations (both externally and internally), start-ups and medium-sized companies. We can do the work for you or teach you our methods and equip you with the necessary tools. Would you like to learn how to build teams from people who have been recruiting for 12 years and are still developing in this area?

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You will benefit from access to our internal database of 90,000 candidate profiles

We have 90,000 candidate profiles in our internal database, including about 50,000 profiles of IT specialists. Currently, IT specialists receive a lot of news on social networking sites, as a result of which there is a tendency not to respond to recruiters or even to remove profiles from social networking sites dedicated to work. Many of our Candidates are not visible on the Internet.

You will benefit from our expertise.

You will benefit from our expertise.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of IT technology, we provide training in this area for the recruitment industry in English, on an international scale.


We are not programmers, although we know the basics of several programming languages. We understand the technological nuances very well. We understand the issues of software architecture, trends in technology development and the importance of the cloud revolution.

We are able to discover a "real engineer", i.e. a person who not only knows what to do to make the application work, but who also wants to understand and can explain how the application works.

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