IT knowledge training for recruiters

IT knowledge training for recruiters

Make Recruitment Easier

We have a proprietary training programme for recruiters in the field of IT technology. During our course, we will show your recruits a map of IT technology and teach the language of concepts.

Our course allows people without an IT education or practice to talk to candidates understanding the tasks facing them. Our trained recruiters perfectly understand who they are recruiting.

The training ends with an exam we conduct, after which we issue an official certificate.

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HR audit

HR audit

Have you ever wondered what factors affect employee turnover in your company?

Do you know what you can or should change to reduce attrition?

As part of the HR audit, we analyse the processes and patterns present in your organisation to advise you on what you can do to minimise attrition in your organisation.

We conduct a number of direct interviews with employees at various levels of the structure and their managers.

We do not rely solely on fashionable but not entirely accurate online surveys. In the end, we provide you with a report with recommendations of actions to take.

Our methodology is based on years of practical experience and the latest research and trends in organisational psychology.

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Audit of competences<br>Up-skilling and re-skilling programmes

Audit of competences
Up-skilling and re-skilling programmes

Together with experts cooperating with us - experienced programmers/architects, often trainers in the area of their respective technologies, we conduct an audit of your team's competence.

We carry out our tests and interviews, we can also use external tests (selected together with you).

Based on the report, we propose a "tailor-made" programme for improving competences, e.g. in particular programming technology.

Our training experts will design and carry out a course tailored specifically for your company, including training in selected technology elements for specific people.

We can also conduct a similar audit in the area of knowledge of foreign languages: English and German. As a result, we will present a project of a language course adjusted to the language competences of employees.

It is worth noting that clients from the German-speaking area require their business partner to have someone with knowledge of the German language in his team - this is due to the fact that technical documentation is mostly created in German. Our proprietary training programme allows us to raise the common German knowledge at A2/B1 level to B2 level, focusing on technical and business vocabulary.

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