Advantages of the RPO model

Advantages of the RPO model

"Recruiter on Demand" is our unique model of cooperation with a client, which ensures that you get attention and time of our partners - Agnieszka and Maciej.

It is the ideal model if you have an ongoing need or need to recruit more people at short notice.

  • You join a select group of no more than 10 companies to which Agnieszka and Maciej give their full attention.
  • We actively seek and establish direct contact with implementation consultants.
  • We use our network of industry contacts, internal database, sourcing with paid tools and dedicated paid advertisements.
  • We present the company's offer to candidates, verify experience and competences according to the brief.
  • We present candidates' profiles (on an ongoing basis) We maintain constant contact with candidates and you and ensure good communication bet ween all parties and a smooth recruitment process.
  • We make job offers to selected candidates on your behalf We work according to the agreed parameters (SLA)
  • We report on a weekly basis on the activities carried out, with specific figures

The cost of media (LinkedIn, advertisements on specialist portals, other recruitment tools) is entirely on our side.

We will be happy to show you that in effect this is a cheaper solution than traditional recruitment, comparable to hiring an internal recruiter. In turn, you gain access to the know-how of some of the most experienced recruiters who are impossible to recruit internally.

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