IT Recruitment

IT Recruitment

We are not afraid of challenges. We are able to recruit candidates who specialise in rare, hard-to-find technologies, as well as candidates who meet high competence or soft skills expectations. 

We search for candidates in our database of over 90,000 candidates and on LinkedIn, GitHub and other platforms for IT professionals. As we are also sourcing coaches, we know from our practice that we reach candidates that other recruiters fail to reach. Our network of IT experts, who have been working with us for years, also helps us in this. 

We work only in the exclusive or "retained search" model. This allows us to devote the appropriate amount of time to a project and we only take on assignments that we know from experience that we can deliver. Thanks to this approach: 

  • You receive profiles matched to the role in terms of content and personality within the timeframe you set (as a rule, we need between 5 and 10 working days).  
  • Candidates will be genuinely interested in your company, because they are not actively looking for a job and if they talk to other companies at all, they select them. Because we contact candidates by skipping Linkedin and individualise the contact, we have the candidate's full attention and you have less competition.  
  • You also get profiles of people who are actively looking for work because we use ads on specialist portals. Our ads attract attention because we have the richest packages and we know how to talk about the job. For a candidate looking for a job, the competition will be higher, but so will their motivation to change jobs and consider your offer. And you have the assurance that the whole market knows about your offer.  
  • You get information: how many people we have contacted, what is the interest in your offer, comments on the offer or the company, what actions we recommend and what effect we expect.  

We recruit on an end-to-end basis. We will help you make an offer to a candidate, or we will make an offer on your behalf and make sure that a contract is negotiated and signed with the candidate, and even secure that documents are sent back.

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